Leadership & Management

A Better Way to Respond to Unsolicited Advice

Does everyone seem to be an unsolicited advice giver in your church? I mean, how often do you hear, “Can I just give you a small suggestion?” I’m sure everyone means well, but hearing this every week doesn’t do my heart well. After many years of receiving unsolicited suggestions, I’ve decided on a new approach. And it seems to be working.

Growing Strategies

Multisite Staffing: 3 Ways to Get Unstuck

It typically happens around the third location of multisite churches: They get stuck. It’s not in attendance, finances or ministry, but multisite staffing. Here’s how they get unstuck:


The Leadership Unstuck Podcast: Is Your Church Too Complex?

In this episode of The Leadership Unstuck Podcast, I talk to Joe Dobbins, Lead Pastor of Twin Rivers Worship Center in St. Louis, Missouri about reducing complexity within churches. Churches often get stuck because they are trying to do too much. That’s why it’s crucial to identify and stop programs that are not working. You’ll hear Joe’s story, and Ryan and I talk through a framework for reducing complexity in your own church.