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Why Small Churches Get Stuck: They’re Unwilling to Move to Two Services

Most pastors of small churches want to reach and impact more people over time. Adding a second service at the right time and for the right reasons can help them in that effort. However, church leaders and congregants in smaller congregations often raise passionate objections whenever this topic is considered.


Staffing & Structure: 3 Weaknesses Most Churches Unknowingly Experience

Candidly evaluating whether you have the right people on the bus and in the right seat of the bus and doing the right activities is difficult for someone on the inside of an organization to do. Here are the top 3 weaknesses that repeatedly surface when The Unstuck Group analyzes staffing & structure in churches (and each of these are usually a surprise to the senior leadership).


The Leadership Unstuck Podcast: Is Your Church Too Complex?

In this episode of The Leadership Unstuck Podcast, I talk to Joe Dobbins, Lead Pastor of Twin Rivers Worship Center in St. Louis, Missouri about reducing complexity within churches. Churches often get stuck because they are trying to do too much. That’s why it’s crucial to identify and stop programs that are not working. You’ll hear Joe’s story, and Ryan and I talk through a framework for reducing complexity in your own church.