I take on a limited number of speaking engagements each year, with options ranging from 45 minute talks to 3-hour interactive sessions. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, check out some of my most popular topics and fill out the speaking request form below.

Popular Topics


Is your church growing? Diminishing? Is it somewhere in between? In my book, The Unstuck Church: Equipping Churches to Experience Sustained Health, I identified the seven stages of a church’s lifecycle that range from the hopeful and optimistic days of launch, to the stagnating last stages of life support. In this talk, I unpack the lifecycle of a typical church, identify characteristics of each phase, and provide practical next steps a church can take to move towards sustained health.


How does a biblical perspective influence how you lead and build teams? What’s a healthy span of care for the staff and volunteer leaders in your ministry areas? How do you build a leadership pipeline? In this talk, I help church leaders get a fresh perspective on leadership, providing insight into four essential practices for developing a leadership culture, as well as exercises and application to help them get started.


Whether you know it or not, your church is probably bowing down to the perceived power of the “giant inflatable blue monkey.” It’s impacting how you define and communicate your discipleship strategy. It’s impacting how you promote what’s happening at your church. And, it’s impeding your ability to help people take their next steps toward Christ. In this talk, I will help you discover a few simple strategies to deflate the giant blue monkeys lurking in your ministry.


Based on my eBook Take the Lid Off Your Church, this presentation is designed to help you rethink your structure beginning with the senior leadership team. I will address several key questions regarding the health of your team. If you feel stuck in your leadership or as an organization, you might want to stop looking at your frontline staff or blaming the people you’re trying to reach and spend a little more time evaluating the health of your senior leadership team. This session is designed to help you begin that journey.

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