March 1, 2013

Take the Lid Off Your Church: 6 Steps to Building a Healthy Senior Leadership Team


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“Take the Lid Off Your Church” is a practical eBook to help churches, non-profits and businesses rethink their structure beginning with the senior leadership team. The book addresses several key questions regarding the health of this team including:

  • When should you begin building a senior leadership team?
  • What are the roles of this team?
  • Who should be on the senior leadership team?
  • How does this team empower other leaders in the organization?
  • What should the senior leadership start and stop doing? What’s their focus?

Like previous eBooks written by Tony Morgan, this resource can be read in about 30 minutes, but it’s designed to promote conversation and next steps. In other words, consider reading and talking about the content and the discussion questions with your team.

If you feel stuck in your leadership or as an organization, you might want to stop looking at your frontline staff or blaming the people you’re trying to reach and spend a little more time evaluating the health of your senior leadership team. This eBook is designed to help you begin that journey.

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