Vital Signs: Why Church Health Matters and 14 Ways to Measure It


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Pastors need a healthier scorecard for ministry.

We visit doctors for our routine health checkups. Regardless of how we feel, we know it is important. The body of Christ can benefit from an occasional checkup, as well. Maybe its leaders could plan better with a fuller understanding of church health.

Is it possible that a good set of measurements could help you lead more effectively?

Vital Signs will help you step back from the whirlwind of activity and see your church with greater perspective. It is packed with benchmarks from the analysis of 200+ churches nationwide — the same benchmarks The Unstuck Group uses with each of its clients as a starting point to determine their health.

This eBook will empower you to:

  • Assess the full health of your church with 14 key metrics
  • Discover which aspects of your ministry fall within the Top 10%, Average, or Bottom 10% ranges based on 200+ churches
  • Unite your leaders around a shared definition of your church’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Move from diagnosing health to setting new direction for your church


BONUS: With your purchase of this eBook, you also get a FREE Vital Signs Report, regularly a $199.99 value. This online tool is the easiest way to see exactly how your church is doing on each of the 14 metrics — without doing the math for yourself!

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